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 HH Moran Mar Baselios Mathoma Paulos II , Catholicos of East has requested the faithful to join their hands for prayers and for Helping Earth Quake victims of Nepal

11203705_933175636704011_9128177823912989546_n HH Moran Mar Baselios Mathoma Mathews II , Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan has requested the faithful to join their hands for prayers and for Helping the many thousands of People in pain, Agony and dismay.

Thousands have lost their lives; many more are still trapped under the ruins of the buildings. Many children have lost their parents, many parents have lost their children. People are in trauma , lack of food and water has added to the sufferings of the affected and survival has become their top priority.


Let us look back at what a beautiful world Nepal was just a few days ago and help them in our full capacity to rebuild it as a stronger country with many colors and smiles. Diocese of Bombay appeals to the many kind hearted people across the globe to put your thoughts, prayers and hands together to help Rebuild Nepal !! smile emoticon heart emoticon Will You Join Us in Our Mission ??

Diocesan Vaideeka Sangam Gave Farewell to Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas

Photo1894The vaideeka Sangam of Bombay Diocese meeting held under the President-ship of H.G.Geevarghese Mar Coorilos on 23rd April, 2015, gave farewell to Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas who is going back to Kerala after the 20 years fruitful service in the Diocese of Bombay. Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas who ordained for Diocese of Chenganoor, jointed Diocese of Bombay in year 1995. He was the instrumental in the construction of Parishes in Nashik, Goa, and Nallosarapara. Apart from these parishes Achen served, Kirki Parish in Pune, Doha, Vasai. At present he is the Vicar of St Mary’s Cathedral Dadar. After completing his tenure in Dadar Cathedral on May 31, Achen will leave Bombay Diocese to join his Mother Diocese Chenganoor. All the best and sincere gratitude to dear Achen. God bless.

 Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria Suggests One Easter Date for All Christian Churches in Letter to Pope Francis of Rome.

10344825_366540283537949_157690215188113483_nIn a letter to Pope His Holiness Francis of Rome, the Pope His Holiness Tawadros II of Alexandria proposed making one date for Easter celebrations for all Christian Churches.

Finding one Easter date for both western and eastern churches is said to be an urgent matter, particularly in Christian communities in North Africa and the Middle East, where Easter is observed on different dates.Differences in Easter dates are based on differences between the Julian calendar, which eastern churches, including the Coptic one, follow, and the Gregorian calendar of western churches.

The World Council of Churches explains in a detailed article on its website how these differences came to be, and notes that past efforts have been made to try and bring the two Easters together. “The problem is that, while the use of the astronomical calculations will mean hardly any change for those churches that use the Gregorian calendar, the Orthodox churches have had painful experiences in the past with schisms resulting from calendar reforms, and are therefore very cautious about them,” WCC says.

In 2014, the western and eastern Easter dates fell on the same day, April 20. The next time the dates coincide will be in 2017 and then in 2034.

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Feast of St George Celebrated at Nashik Church

Feast of St George celebrated at St George Orthodox Church, Nashik on April 30th and May 1st .Very Rev.Geevarghese Kochuparampil Ramban was the cheif celebrant of this year perunal celebrations. On this church honored those have completed age of 60 and 25 years of their marriage. Church also presented St George Award to Master Doney Biju, who have succeded 1st rank in 12std in Sunday School, OKR Region.


Rev.Fr.Dr.O Thomas takes charge as the Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary Seminary, Kottayam


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