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Wonderful Composition Sam Thomas…. Really Wonderful…. Let us salute our mother church on the occassion of 103 year of establishment of Catholicate in Malankara…..

Here is the new composition of our old Catholicate Anthem Vara Guna Nidhi Vazhuka nedunaal vadhya pithaave, written by Sabha Kavi C.P.Chandi sir

From 1925 onwards it was a custom to chant a Catholica Mangala Ganam, a sort of poetic citation, during the receptions and public meetings attended by the Catholicos of the East. But it was not with any uniformed format. Mostly, it was just a poetic composition by some local hands in any one of the Syriac or Malayalam tunes. Such compositions never survived beyond one or two functions.

In 1951, C. P. Chandy, later honoured as Sabha Kavi – the poet of the Church – wrote a Catholica Mangalapatra Ganam by the inspiration and assistance of Rev. Pathamuttom M. C. Kuriakose Remban. It was in the tune of the Syriac liturgical chant “Thurod Sinai” with seven stanzas beginning with “Catholica, Simhasana Vedi…“. It was first used in a great Catholicate public meeting held at Kottayam on 31 Kanni, 1951.

In 1952 Rev. Pathamuttom M. C. Kuriakose Remban published this Catholica Mangalapatra Ganam in his book titled ‘Prasanga Yoga Mitram’. The uprising of the ‘Catholicate Sprit’ in 1950’s among the Malankara Nazranis along with this book popularised this composition and it was used universally in honour of the Catholicate.

Even though this composition was not in a format of an anthem, its popular tune and inspiration of its content made it so accepted that even the common people memorised it. Beyond the description of the greatness of the Catholicate in India, it also carried the personal description of the then Catholicos H. H. Baselios Geevarghese II, like his deep sound, physical characters and pastoral nature. Without considering the logic, it was used as the Catholicate Anthem, even after his demise in 1965 for further a decade.

“Vara Guna Gana” was chanted for more than a decade. The ‘Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act’, an Act of the Indian Parliament which prohibits desecration of or insult to the country’s national symbols, including the National Flag, The Constitution, and the National Anthem. On this context, the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was forced to think about an alternative. Instead of considering any modifications over the so popular “Vara Guna Gana” to overcome the legal barrier, the Church adopted “Marthoma Simhasanathil…” composed by Shri. Abraham Padinjarathalakkel in 1987 as the “Catholica Mangala Ganam”, initially written as an OVBS song. It became official since 1989.

Team “AD 52 Anthem” have re-composed the legendary “Vara Guna Gana…” in a new style by retaining its old charm and vigour beyond all legal barriers. The team AD 52 ANTHEM under the leadership of Sam Thomas, a musician who hails from Delhi with a team of 8 Singers will re-launch “Vara Guna Gana…” on 14 September 2015. I am sure this new creation from these fervent youngsters will reach out to ignite the “Spirit of Catholicate” in the Malankara. Let it will bring back the golden days when “Vara Guna Gana…” was chanted at every occasion.

This initiative is a tribute tothe great and Sabha Kavi C. P. Chandy of blessed memory and an effort to revive and relive the charm & vigour of the age old ‘vara guna gana’ Catholicate Anthem, we bring forth a recomposed version hoping it continues to remain in the hearts, minds and lips of Malankara Nazranis for generation to come

conceived by: Thomas George
lyrics: Sabha Kavi Shri. C. P. Chandy
dop: Jeev Jacob
editor & colorist: Manu Kallara
featuring: Anu Binu, Arun Thomas, Bejoy Babu, Christina S Mathew, Nitin Thomas, Renjin Johnson, Soumya Mariam, Shereen Joji
final mix: VISHNU RAJ
sound design: ZAMVEL TOM
post production: WHITE PEPPER MEDIA
project guidance: Dr. M Kurian Thomas & Thomas T Mathew

Worldwide Release on 14th September 2015