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Bibliano Music’s English Qurbana Songs compilation - Presentation & Felicitation at Aura 2016

After having successfully released its first compilation that consisted of songs from the Hindi Qurbana of the Orthodox Liturgy, a few original compositions as well as karaoke tracks of songs from the English Qurbana of the Orthodox Liturgy, Bibliano Music received multiple requests from patrons across the globe to produce songs of the English Qurbana of the Orthodox Liturgy along with vocals. Inorder to address this felt need, BM put together a talented team of 23 vocalists from over 21 churches of the Bombay Diocese and recorded the songs, the post production of which is currently underway.      

The Diocesan Metropolitan, H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos who has been instrumental in providing guidance for this project felt that awareness should be created in respect to the project so that maximum patrons across the Orthodox Church could utilize the compilation and that participants should be recognized for their commitment and dedication. Thus, on the occasion of Aura 2016 held at Dombivli, BM was asked to make a presentation and to felicitate all the people who contributed in respect to the project. 

The host for the evening was Ms. Jyoti Jacob. The Diocesan Metropolitan, H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos graced the felicitation ceremony with His esteemed presence. Also present were Very Rev. Fr. Yaunan Mulamootil Cor Episcopa (who extended help in making of the tracks for the EQ songs), chief co-ordinators Ms. Sheba Yaunan and Mr. Jobin George, recording engineer Mr. Manu Idicula, creative designer Mr. Sanu Idicula, members of the special feedback team – Mr. John Kochukutty, Mr. Sherin Kurian, Mr. Joel Jose & Mr. Cyril Kuriakose and the founder of Bibliano Music Mr. Robin Thomas. Along with them, all the co-ordinators (who helped identify talent) and the singers who participated in recording the first part of the compilation were called up on the dias. Mr. Joby Chacko and Mr. Abraham from Chinchwad church who sent across 15 poems (to be converted to songs) and Ms. Tina Sibu who sang an original song in the previous compilation were specially thanked for their efforts. All of them were felicitated by His Grace for their contribution to the vision of BM. Mr. Jobin George briefly spoke about his journey with BM and urged the audience to touch base with the forum. Also, Mrs. Regina Jacob shared her experience as a vocalist for BM. 

After the felicitation, Bibliano Music put up a vibrant musical performance. The first song Jeevanil Jeevan Aagum, (composed by Mr. Manu Idicula and written by Sefi Shyam Alexander, Elizabeth T Idicula and Manu Idicula for BM) was presented by Mr. Manu Idicula, Mr. Febin Sajan and Mr. Tiji Thomas. The second song Drop Thy Word, was presented by Ms. Sheba Yaunan (composed and written by her for BM). After the power packed performance, Mr. Robin Thomas spoke about the Vision and Objectives of Bibliano Music, its scales of progress and about the 2nd compilation on English Qurbana songs. He also encouraged all interested to register with the initiative. 

BM had also put up a registration desk at the venue. An appreciable number of people came forward to know more about BM and to register with the platform. The desk was also giving away free copies of the first compilation to choir leaders of churches that had not received their complimentary copy. Logistical support in respect to installing BM’s counter and other paraphernalia was provided by the able team comprising of Mr. Lloyd Joseph, Mr. Leo Joseph, Mr. Leslie Alex, Ms. Shiny Jacob and Mr. Reuben Ajay.   

Bibliano Music would specially like to acknowledge the support received by Rev. Fr. Joemon Thomas and the contribution of Mr. John Mathew in respect to providing the venue for practice and for recording at the Mercy John Memorial Chapel, Mira Road. 

Participants who contributed towards the first part of the English Qurbana Compilation 


Anish Varghese
Binu Alex
Carolyn Rachel
Christina John
Cibin Koshy
Feba Joy
Febin Sajan
Irene Daniel
Jobin George
Jyoti Jacob
Kathryn Johny
Leo Joseph
Liby Abraham
Manju Varkey
Merlyn George
Nithin George Varghese
Rittu Elsa
Sherin Kurian
Simmy .S. Saji
Sonu Cherian
Sunish Issac


Angel Elizabeth
Annette John
Anoop Eapen
Bincy Babuji
Jini Joy
Jino Johnson
Jyoti Jacob Koshy
Leeba Babu
Manu Idicula
Marina Jacob
Nikhil Jose
Nithin George Varghese
Prince George Kuriakose
Regina Jacob
Rickson George Samuel
Rittu Elsa Samuel
Robin Thomas
Roshan Varghese
Saniyo James
Serah Varghese
Sheril Jacob
Sherin Samuel
Sibin Benny

 About Bibliano Music: 

Bibliano Music is an independent, ecumenical global platform established in order to co-create and propagate Gospel music. 

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