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H.G.Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Methropolitan of Diocese of Bombay, via  Kalpana No.03/2017, informed all the Parishes that, the meeting of the General Assembly of the Diocese of Bombay-the members elected for the term 2017-22 and the members of the existing Diocesan Council will be held on 4th, Saturday, February, 2017 at 1.30 p.m at Vashi Aramana under the Presidentship of the Diocesan Metropolitan to transact the below given agenda. The representatives to the Diocesan Assembly elected for the aforesaid term from the Parishes along with the Vicar/Assistant Vicar are advised to attend the meeting on time.


  1. Prayer
  2. Welcome Speech
  3. To read the notice Kalpana
  4. Presidential Address
  5. To read and confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Assembly
  6. To elect the Diocesan Secretary& Two Priests and 4 Lay members to the Diocesan Council
  7. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
  8. Vote of thanks
  9. Prayer and Benediction

H.G.Mar Coorilos also reminded that the meeting of the legally elected representatives from the Diocese to the Malankara Syrian Christian Association for the term 2017-2022 and the existing Managing Committee Members (to nominate two priests and 4 lay men to be elected as the Managing Committee  from the Diocese by the ensuing Malankara Syrian Association on1st March 2017) will be beld on the same day 10.30am as per the Kalpana No.291/2016 of H.H.Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose II the Catholicose and the Malankara Metropolitan. The duly filled nomination form for the positions mentioned should be submitted to Diocesan Secretary before 12 noon on 3rd February 2017.

 Also after the first meeting there will be a meeting to transact the following Agenda


  1. To discuss and decide to conduct an awareness summit for prevention of Kidney diseases
  2. To give awareness on register donation of organs
  3. To organize general counseling centers at Zonal level
  4. To discuss the progress of Diocesan Directory and decide on publishing.