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Bombay Diocesan Sunday School Circular 2015


                          ( For All Vicars and Sunday School teachers of Bombay Diocese).


A.Text Books:

As suggested by OKR, it was decided to continue with the old syllabus for Std. VIII to X where as new syllabus ( as per OSSAE) is to be followed for  all other classes including XI and XII (only for 2015 pending a final directive from OKR.)

Books to  be obtained from Kottayam directly or from Nagpur or through Fr. Paul Mathew at Vashi Aramana . Hope all of you have received the portions for Half yearly exam. and Annual Exam.     

  1. Inter-Diocesan competition

Since there was no Diocesan competition in 2014,  our participation in Inter-Diocesan competition 2015 at Nagpur., will not be there.

  1. OKR GENERAL BODY will be held at Nagpur Seminary on 12th& 13th of September 2015. The Director made a fervent appeal to all s.s. units to participate in large numbers. As in the past, it was decided to bear the train fare ( 2nd class or 3rd AC) to and fro Nagpur of H.M. and one teacher from each s.s. unit going to attend the AGM.
  2. OKR website: The website ( will be updated and upgraded soon. It is our fervent hope that this will facilitate our efficient functioning and effective communication. All the important information will be posted in the website once it is upgraded and will be able to download all necessary forms  that need to  be sent back to the OKR Office.


  1. Sathyajyothi online Course


The Sathyajyothi online course introduced by the Church through St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur will definitely enrich our teachers by providing necessary information about the Bible, church traditions and faith of the Church. It is recommend that all teachers  register for this course taking into account the challenges we face now a days in terms of the faith and practices of the Church.

  1. Long Service Teachers Award


At  the next General Body Meeting scheduled on September 12th& 13th 2015, teachers who have completed 20 years or more  will be honoured for their dedicated, long  service. However, teachers who have received such an award in the past are not eligible for this. The application for the award should reach the OKR office by July 31st. The application form can  be downloaded from the website. All s.s.units are encouraged to send applications , if any.

  1. Appointment of New Teachers


As per the decision of the Annual General Body meeting held on 13th September 2014, a diploma in Divyabodhanam or the Sathyajyothi course is a pre-requisite for a person, coming from any Christian denominations other than ours, to be appointed as a Sunday school teacher in our Sunday schools. It was decided to follow this requirement in our Diocese also as far as possible.

H . Annual Examinations 2015

SSFC and Class XII examinations will be held district-wise on December 6th Sunday from 2 pm 5 pm. Venue for these  examinations will be decided by the District Committees. The annual examination for all other  classes up to IX and for XI will be  held on December13thSunday after the Holy Qurbana. Question papers for these exams will be made available from the Director’s office. It was decided to request OKR to send  the forms required for the internal assessment directly to  the respective HMs and the question papers  to the District Inspectors.


The units should send the applications for Registration of students for 10th and 12th OKR office on or before 15th October 2015. All units has to maintain this deadline strictly. In normal case applications will not be accepted after this date. An additional amount of Rs.100/ (hundred only per student) will be charged as late fee after 15.10.2015. The application must carry the full postal address of the Vicar and HM as the hall tickets and examination materials will  be sent to the units/directly. Those who send the application via email has to inform OKR office about the fee payment. There will not be any separate reminder for the application. The HMs is advised to inform the students about their application for board exam in advance. The fee structure of examination is as follows:

Regular student Rs.150/-

Private student Rs.200/-

The unit fee will be as shown below:

1-10students Rs.200/-

11-25students Rs.300/-

26 and above Rs.500/-/


The first, second and third rank holders (10th& 12th Std as per results announced in Feb.2015)  should send a passport size photo to OKR office soon after the publication of result.


Half-yearly Exams are to be held on 26th July 2015 by all units. Question papers for the same to be prepared by the respective class teachers.


  1. Diocesan Competition 2015


Sunday school students should have at least 50% attendance in the current year for participating in the arts competition. H.Ms. are requested to adhere to this rule strictly. The categories (groups)  will be based on age.


          Groups:                                    Events:

Sub juniors (up to 7 years) Born on or after 1/1/2008

                                    Solo Singing- English (3 mins)(Any Christian Song)

                                    Solo Singing- Malayalam (3 mins) (            “        )

                                    Story telling English– Any miracle of Jesus from Holy Bible (5 mins)

                                    Story telling Malayalam – Any miracle of Jesus from Holy Bible (5 mins)

                                    Bible Verse – Oral (English) (10 Mins.) Part A (from the prescribed book only)

                                    Drawing: Topic: A star with five corners (Crayons only) Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Juniors (7 to 10 yrs.) DOB (1/1/2005- 31/12/2007

                                     Solo Singing- English (3 mins)     (Any Christian  Song)                                                                                                                

                                     Solo Singing- Malayalam (3 mins)    (      “       )

                                     Story telling English – Story from the Bible on HUMILITY (5 mins)

                                     Story telling Malayalam –Story from the Bible on HUMILITY (5 mins)

                                     Bible Verse – Oral (English) (10 Mins.) from Part B of prescribed book only)

                                     Drawing: Topic: Christmas tree(Crayons only)    Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Intermediates: (10 to 13 years) DOB (1/1/2002- 31/12/2004

                                      Solo Singing – English (3 mins.)- Any Christian song

                                     Solo Singing – Malayalam (3 mins) Any Christian Song

                                     Bible Verse – Written (30 mins.) from Part C of prescribed book only

                                    Elocution (English) (5 min)

                              (Topic: “The one who is righteous will live by faith.” (Rom 1:17)

                                    Elocution (Malayalam) (5 mins.) (Topic:  Same as above)

                                       Drawing: Topic: Abraham’s sacrifice ( Lamb in the bush, Isaac on fire log and    

                                                                  Knife) (Crayons only) Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Seniors: (13 to 16 yrs.)  (DOB 1/1/1999- 31/12/2001)

                   Solo Singing – English (3 mins) (Any Christian Song)

                   Solo Singing – Malayalam (3 mins) (           “                )

                  Elocution – English (5 mins)  

                         (Topic: “For as all die in Adam, so all will be made alive in Christ” (1Cor 5:22).

                  Elocution – Malayalam (5 mins) (Topic: Same as above)

                  Bible Quiz – (English) (45 Mins)

                                Book of Judges-15%, Psalm 22- 5%, Gospel according to St. Mathew-25%

                                Letter to James- 15%, Church history up to 4th century – including

                                Ecumenical synods -20%, Service of Easter – 20%

               Essay Writing :–English (30 mins.)

                                     (Topic: Your body is the temple of Holy Spirit: Contemporary context)

                  Drawing: Topic: St. George (Water Color only)   Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Secondary: (16 to19 yrs.)-DOB 1.1.1996 – 31.12.1998 (Students of Std. XI and XII only)

                    Solo Singing- English (3 mins) ( Any Christian Song)

                    Solo Singing – Malayalam (3 mins) (            “           )

                  Elocution – English (5 mins)

                              (Topic: “Blessed are the Peace makers” (Mat 5:9)

                  Elocution – Malayalam (5 mins) (Topic: Same as above)

                  Bible Quiz- English (45 mins.)

                        The book on Maccabees – 10%, Ruth–10%, I& II Thessalonians – 25%

                        1 Peter – 15%, Malankara Church History from 16th century to date -20%

                        Service of the Holy Qurbana – 20%

                  Essay – English (30 mins)    

                                (Topic: “Malankara Orthodox Church in 2020”)

                  Drawing: Topic: Mother Mary with child (Pencil sketch only) Time: 1 hour 30 mins.

Group Song – Buds (up to 8 yrs.) (3 mins) –Songs from Holy Qurbana

Group Song – Premiers (9 to 13 yrs.) (3 mins.) – Service of Good Friday

Group Song –Teens (14 to 19 yrs.)(3 mins.  )  –   Funeral service of Children

No. of participants: Minimum 3 and Maximum 10. The timing of 3 minutes given is the singing time.

                            No mixing permitted.


Drawing has to be done on “Full size drawing paper” (A-3).Outer border can be with sketch pen. 

The winners at unit level will have to draw again at district level competitions. Likewise for essay


Solo Song – Any Christian Song.

Elocution – Too much action by hand may earn minus marks. Body language, posture, facial

                              expressions, eye contacts, voice modulation etc. will earn points.

Exceeding time limit for all events will attract minus marks.

Bible Verse books are available in plenty with the Director.

Competitions for the Sub-Junior group are only upto District level.

Unit level competitions to be completed by end of September 2015. District level by end of October 2015 and the Diocesan level competition will  be held on 22nd November at Vashi Aramana.

The district inspectors are authorized to conduct the district level competitions smoothly, coordinating with the HMs and parish Vicars. A central observer will be sent to District level competitions.

The decisions of the judges will be final and binding on all. There shall be no interference of any sort from the parents/teachers. It was unanimously decided that no outside judges will be brought as we should have faith in the integrity  of judges from among our church members.

Grievance Committee: In the event of any grievance on the conduct of the competitions at the Diocesan level, a grievance committee comprising of Rev. Fr. Santhosh Varghese, Dr. Sunny Pariyaram and Prof. Dr. Bright Philip can be approached and their decision will be binding on all .

  1. O V B S: All units are requested to hold OVBS during Diwali holidays. During Christmas holidays we are planning winter camp.
  2. WINTER/SUMMER CAMP (RESIDENTIAL) for Sunday school Students 2015

There will be two separate camps this year (one for Mumbai region and one for Pune Region). Dates will be announced later.

  1. SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY cover collections: The matter of sending the entire collection to OKR was discussed. However, the members felt that this was not practical and hence unanimously decided that the units should  send the 30% of the collections directly to OKR ( deposit in Federal Bank A/c.)and the balance should be handed over to the district inspector after retaining 10% for the unit. District inspectors will retain 20% and hand over 40% to the Director. All units should submit to the Director details of total collection and amount given to OKR and District Inspector. 
  2. TEACHERS’ CONFERENCE are to be held one for Bombay Region and one for Pune Region. All District Inspectors should organize a district-wise teachers’ conference somewhere in the middle of the year.
  3. SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY is to be celebrated on Sunday 6th December 2015 by all units. On that day please request the parish Vicar to celebrate H.Q. in English, hold special prayers for the Sunday Schools/students/teachers/officials /OKR/OSSAE etc., allow s.s.students the readings of that day and allow one student to give the sermon on that day.

CONCLUSION: All teachers are earnestly requested to do everything possible to attract students to the Sunday School., make the classes interesting to retain the students, sustain their interest in coming to s.s., periodically refresh your knowledge of the syllabus portions, help students to  understand and experience God’s love for them and help  the students to come  closer to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.


Rev.Fr.Skaria Varghese (Vice Presisdent, Sunday School, Diocese of Bombay)

  Dr. Sunny Pariyaram (Director )