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Invitation from H.G.Geevarghese Mar Coorilos for the Bombay Orthodox Christian Convention-2015

Apostolic Blessings to all the Clergy and the faithful of Diocese of Bombay,

Dearly Beloved,

Here is an invitation to all of us to receive, respond and own the living Word of God, in an through the grant spiritual fellowship in the coming days across our Diocese. The milestone event, ‘The Bombay Orthodox Christian Convention 2015’ shall be a celebration of the reviving flame of the Word of God in all of us, who came together with faith, hope, pure love and prayer with willingness to submit. The fire of the living word shall be lit and its glow be translated from heart to heart. It shall be a personal encounter with the Lord, the One who declared: “I am the light of the world”. Let this Light glow in us and transform our lives. The Light of the Word of God shall illumine our hearts, homes, dreams and relationships. Let us take up His mandates and radiate this Light of the Gospel to others those who have not yet known His Love, adhering to His last Commandment.

We urge you all to attend the Gospel Proclamation events with family and the Mega Event on Sunday the 25th January at Vashi with devotion and prayers. We expect about 4000 of our people to make it a great blessing. All our parishes should arrange sufficient number of vehicles and ensure the participation of maximum number of people.

We are glad and grateful to H.G.Dr.Yuhanon Mar Chrystomos, the Metropolitan of Niranam and the President of the Mission Board who be the main speaker. H.G.Zacharias Mar Aprem, the Metropolitan of Adoor-Kadampanadu will also bless the big gathering at Vashi. Mr.Manoj Mathew, who is the Director of Mission, will brief the future activities. A few converts and aspirants to join the Orthodox Faith will also have their testimony.

All the glory and praise be to the Almighty and blessings in abundance upon our Diocese and all our families. Our good wishes to the organizers and all the participants.

Your Shepherd in Christ


Mar Geevarghese Coorilos

Metropolitan of Bombay