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Gregorian Community


Welcome to Gregorian Community

RohaNamed after St. Gregorios of Parumala in Kerala, the Gregorian is a community of Indian Orthodox Christians at a place called Roha on the route from Mumbai to Goa. Bishop Geevarghese Mar Coorilose who founded the Community is hoping that this community is one day able to provide the youth with a go to place when they are laid low with the cares of modern life, to spend time away from routine, focusing inwards and towards God. Also it is envisioned to eventually grow into a resting place for the broken hearted, the downtrodden and isolated from society. And also it is hoped that it will become a place for ecumenical study, debates, dialogue among different world religions. Currently running a school and an old age home, the community has a vision to develop itself as an oasis in the desert of life, utilizing its natural beauty of river banks, valleys and hills, to provide one and all with comfort, rest, rejuvenation and opportunities for soul searching and self examination, while providing service to the society and nation.