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Christian community in Pune holds solidarity rally


Hundreds of members of  Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches organized a peace rally in the city on Tuesday, 24th March, 2015 to support the rights of minority communities in India and protest against the gang-rape of a nun in Kolkata. The rally commenced from Saint Felix School in Bund Garden at 9 am and the protestors marched up to Council Hall by 11 am.

Speaking to the crowd that gathered for the rally, Pune Bishop Thomas Dabre said, “We are forgetting the secular approach of the Indian Constitution. In a situation, where minority groups are being targeted and their houses of worship are being vandalized, it is a direct attack on the constitutional rights of the citizens. We demand that the Modi government must ensure that that the culprits behind the attack on the Panvel church and the nun in Kolkata must be punished.”

Emphasising on the concept that God is one and every religion preaches the tenets of peace, Father Malcolm Sequeira said, “We are all one and if we stay united nobody can do any harm to us.”After the collector expressed his support to the cause and assured that the government would ensure that such incidents do not occur in Pune, the peace rally ended with the protesters singing the national anthem.

Rev.Fr.Thomas Myalil, Vicar of St Gregorios OSC, Dighi, Pune, and Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas(Sherin),Vicar of St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church,Pimpri  represented Malankara Orthodox Church in this peace rally.

Edited by Aneesha George.