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Christmas Greetings

New Testament accounts of the advent and nativity of Jesus stress the all-encompassing nature of the Christ event. Without reservation, the Biblical text says that God’s grace appears to all, offering the promise of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation with God in heaven and with our neighbors on earth.The grace of God has appeared in the person of Jesus Christ. He appears for the sake of marginalized shepherds and their families in his homeland. He attracts the attention of well-to-do scholars in distant nations. He appears to Mary and Joseph as a gift of God’s mystery. Through these faithful witnesses, and the proclamation of good news down the ages, Jesus appears to us. We, too, are called to respond to his presence among us today.


This is the season of Holy Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no “Santa” there is only St. Nicholas! everyone can be “Santa”, you can give gifts and presents at any moment of any day not only in this period that was transformed to a commercial event by the evil hands…and it dangerously plug the love of the materialism to children, this period is a period of strong prayers, fasting and a holy event that makes the faithful closer to God! The Satanic forces of the world are using the X to spread their message that says that there is no Christ, be aware of that evil trick… it’s Christmas not Xmas!

May the grace and peace of God appear to many more through this season of Christmas! I wish you well at the turning of this year, and I pray for God’s blessing on our heavenly pilgrimage in the years to come.

With Prayers

Fr.Thomas Philipose, Web Manager