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Christmas Message by H.G.Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan

12032131_822982334481990_6018562748431257950_nBlessings to Respected Fathers, Office Bearers, Committee Members and all our faithful of the parishes in the Diocese of Bombay and well wishers of our website “”

Dearly beloved,

             As we continue our pilgrimage and pass through the advent days to approach the manger to worship the one who came down from above leaving all the glory and majestic position to save whole creation we have great joy to greet you and joining all of you to praise Almighty God, the Father who send His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ who took avathara and became man and the Holy Spirit who continues to bless, guide and empower us.

  526016_322535744526654_1975126914_n          Manger reminds us of the great mercy, love and concern even for the poorest of the poor, immense of possibility even for the frail and weak to step up the ladder towards the riches above and assurance of the heavenly package even to the downtrodden and the marginalized.

          The Silver Star reminds us of the permanent invitation to enter into the great glory of God, great privilege to worship the loving living God and to surrender ourselves with all the worthy offerings including ourselves though we are not worthy to be presented before God.

               The Holy family reminds us of the purification we have to undergo, the immense possibility to improve the quality and interpersonal relationship, the great call to witness in the community as parents or children, the great bond between the family members even with the animal kingdom and the nature, the wonderful hospitality we are called to extend and the nuclear unit of a worshipping community.

             The company of the Holy family, the angels and the heavenly realm, the shepherds, the wise men and the animals and birds remind us of the entire creation coming and living together in harmony and enjoying the worship and the heavenly treat from above.

             The world – the entire creation is progressing in many ways which assures of the talents given to humanity to develop and improve all the riches to be used for glorifying God and strengthening the humanity. The misuse of the talents and perversions to the filthy things, deviation from the worthy things lead us and the creation to unhealthy and unworthy experiences. Christmas always reminds us and paves the way to come back to the Lord, worship Him properly, celebrate life with the heavenly realm, saints and the departed. May the wonderful presence of God Almighty and laudable thoughts and messages bring us together to have meaningful worship, wonderful fellowship and common witness as we enter into the New Year. The concern for the poor and the needy is to be the fashion and passion of christens who celebrate Christmas and count down towards New Year.

           May God Almighty bless all of us to have a very blessed Christmas and New Year.

Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan,

Diocese of Bombay