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Diocesan Vaideeka Sangam Gave Farewell to Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas

Photo1894The vaideeka Sangam of Bombay Diocese meeting held under the President-ship of H.G.Geevarghese Mar Coorilos on 23rd April, 2015, gave farewell to Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas who is going back to Kerala after the 20 years fruitful service in the Diocese of Bombay. Rev.Fr.P.C.Thomas who ordained for Diocese of Chenganoor, jointed Diocese of Bombay in year 1995. He was the instrumental in the construction of Parishes in Nashik, Goa, and Nallosarapara. Apart from these parishes Achen served, Kirki Parish in Pune, Doha, Vasai. At present he is the Vicar of St Mary’s Cathedral Dadar. After completing his tenure in Dadar Cathedral on May 31, Achen will leave Bombay Diocese to join his Mother Diocese Chenganoor. All the best and sincere gratitude to dear Achen. God bless.