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Knowing Our Sister Churches

With the reformation Movement of 16th Century led by Martin Luther, a lot of the Christians of Western Europe protested against the teachings of Roman Catholic Church and they moved out of Roman Patronage. Their Churches were called by the name the Protestants. Lutheran Church, Reformed Church, Anglican Church, Presbyterian Church and Methodist Church are the major Protestant Churches of the world. From the Protestant Churches, by the end of the 19th Century or at the beginning of the 20th century a lot of Pentacostal Sectarian groups came into existence, and do not have a sound theological India we may find representative of almost all protestant groups and new Sectarian Groups. Some of them stay in alliances like the Church of South India (CSI) and the Church of North India (CNI).Even though the Mar Thoma Church is not a member of these alliances it has communion with them as a Protestant Church. Mar Thoma Church is theologically protestant and traditionally a Eastern Church.


We can conclude that, we can classify the Christian Church all over the world in to three Groups under the title Orthodox, Catholic and Protestants. All the denominations come under any of these mentioned groups. With the advent of colonial age the churches of the Western colonial rulers spread in many countries of the world. Thus we have 970 Catholics and 470 million Protestants in the world today. About 275 millions Christians of the world belong to Pentecostal sectarian groups. The Oriental Orthodox Family Comprises of the Churches of Egypt, Ethiopia, Eretria, Syria, Armenia and India. There are Churches in Russia, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Check Republic etc which belong to the Byzantine Orthodox Family. Altogether, the Eastern Orthodox Family make up 220 million of the world .