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MGOCSM Badminton Tournament from 19.9. 2015 to 20.9.2015 

11896017_809662255813998_669050616357031286_nMGOCSM has been working towards the all round development of our students. We are pleased to announce the Badminton Tournament – Orthodox Premier League “OPL” hosted by MGOCSM unit of St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Nerul from 19th Sept., 2015 to 20th Sept., 2015 at YMCA CBD. Kindly encourage the members of MGOCSM unit in your Parish to participate and enhance interaction and build up healthy relations.

All the queries and concerns on account of the event will be vested with the host unit.

The Schedule of the Tournament as well as the Rules and Regulations are attached herewith.

Please feel free to contact the following persons for any further information.

  1. Ms. Simi Johnson Cell No. 8976633071
  2. Mr. Bijo B. George Cell No. 8879 222111

Badminton Rules and Regulations (Boys and Girls Doubles /Mixed Doubles)

  • All the matches will be held on knockout basis.
  • From quarter final the games will be set of three consisting of 11 points a match.
  • In all the matches the players will be from the same parish
  • A match consists of 7 points. Every time there is a serve-there is a point scored. At 6 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first wins that game .At 9 the side scoring the 10th point wins the game. The side winning a game serves first in the next game .Players shall change the ends after each match.
  • If players commit any error in the service court referee decision will be the last and final.
  • At the start of the game, and each time the side gains the right to serve, the service shall be delivered from the right service court .Only your opponent standing diagonally opposite of you shall return the service,
  • Should your opponent’s partner touched or hit the shuttle it shall be a ‘fault’ and your side scores a point.

Order of play and position on court-

  • After the service is returned, either you or your partner may hit the shuttle from any position on your side of the net .Then either player from the opposing side may do the same, and so on until the shuttle ceases to be in play.

Scoring and serving-

  • If you are serving or receiving first at the start of any game, you shall serve or receive in the right service court when your side or your opponents side scored an even number of points.


  • Registration amount is Rs. 150/- per person per game.

Yours in His Service

Fr Jacob Koshy

Vice President, MGOCSM

Diocese of Bombay