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MGOCSM Bombay Annual Conference 2015 logo

Bombay MGOCSM Annual Conference 2015 Logo

The logo attempts at embodying the theme Experiencing & Witnessing The Incarnate God.


The image at first look conveys the message of a pregnant mother. The pregnant mother i.e. the outer figure symbolizes Mother Mary, the Theotokos. Mother Mary exemplifies the highest form of experiencing and witnessing Christ Jesus, our Lord and God. Here the color blue is used which is regarded as the color of humanity and depicts the qualities of transcendence, truth and humility.


The symbol shown in Mother Mary’s womb is Alpha and Omega embeded in a Cross. The term Alpha and Omega comes from the phrase “I am the alpha and the omega” , an addressing of Jesus in the Book of Revelation, which means ‘the beginning and the end’ (Revelation verses 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13). The symbols are considered as a monogram of Christ. The Alpha and Omega are colored red and the cross in Gold. Red is the color of heat, passion, love, life and life-giving energy, thus a symbol of the celebration of eternal Life. Gold symbolizes the divine nature of God himself. Thus, Incarnation of divinity.


In short, our logo thus depicts the Almighty Eternal God and the creator of all; incarnating as a human from the womb of the Holy Theotokos, who resembles witnesses and experiences Jesus Christ like no other human.


Logo concept conceived by Br. Rijo Geevarghese and created digitally by Reese Sam.


Welcoming you all for the Bombay MGOCSM Annual Conference 2015 at Sacred Heart School, Kalyan. To be held from November 10th to 14th, 2015. Online registration is currently open and can be accessed here [Link].

Kindly do pray for the success of annual conference and contribute in-kind and in person. May the Almighty God be with us.