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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”(St Peters Orthodox Church,Colaba visited Asha Dan)


“I see God in every human being. When I wash the lepers’ wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?” – Mother Teresa

img-20161205-wa0006The Church members and MGOCSM students of the St. Peter’s Orthodox Church (ARMENIAN CHURCH) visited the Asha Daan on Sunday November 27th, 2016 – a branch of the famed ‘Missionaries of Charity’. ‘Asha Daan’ is a Destitute Home that was started by Mother Teresa herself in 1975. There are 400 inmates and 12 nuns who live at ‘Missionaries of Charity’ (‘Asha Daan’). Sister Tracy, in-charge of ‘Asha Daan’ said, “I started working with Mother Teresa in 1972. Almost every nun here has worked, lived and eaten with Mother Teresa. So it was a proud moment for us when she was declared as a Saint at the Vatican City on 4th September, 2016.”

Asha Daan is home to 400 destitute people, orphans, differently abled and special children. Hindustan Unilever’s warehouse in Byculla,Mumbai, was given on a note of goodwill by          Mr. Thomas on January 8th, 1975, to Mother Teresa, who with her Missionaries of Charity, have made “living” worthy, the 6 sheds of the warehousethat hundreds call their home.Housed in the 72,500-square feet plot that belongs to HUL, the company takes care of the home’s maintenance and upkeep. Today, humanitarians, socialites and educators flood the home with all resources at their disposal.

The members and the students interacted with the orphans and the old aged peoplethere. One of the older members who is in his 70’s said, “There are a lot of people who come here every day, especially on Sundays.We feel happy as there are a lot of people who come and visit us.”Few of the old aged people in the orphanage were overwhelmed to see the members and could not hold back their tears; many of them shared their life stories and how they came here.

Mr. Sudhakar who livesthere for the past three years said that he is very happy over here. He says,“We get good treatment over here. We get food, and in case of illness, we get medicines on time. There is nothing for us to worry about over here.” Mr. Rajesh, another resident, said that he lost his parents a few years before and had a skin infection due to which, his legs were to be amputated. He said that he was quite afraid of all this, but Asha Daan helped himin his suffering.

One of the sisters mentioned that they bring in children who are abandoned by parents and at times, people who have no one to look out for them come and get admitted here. There was also a person who said he lost his wife long ago. He has a daughter who got married and now lives in London. He said he misses her a lot, but she is sopreoccupied with her work in London that she barley gets time to visit him in Mumbai. But he is quite confident that she will visit him very soon.

One of the orphans in the home was very good with her artistic skills and makes greetings cards for all seasons. The members and the students appreciated her talent and purchased some greeting cards for themselves.

The members were all praises for Mother Teresa owing to her incredible missionary work. “Mother Teresa is really an angel from God. We are really happy that she started her missionary work in India. Seeing all this, we should think about Mother, who did great things for the ones who had lost everything. No one in this world would have cared with so much love and compassion as Mother Teresa did.” Said one of the church member.

The church members concludedtheir heart-warming visit by distributing cakes and chocolates to the children and bid farewell to the nuns and members of the Asha Daan, thanking them for the tremendous work they are doing.


St. Peter’s Orthodox Church (ARMENIAN CHURCH)