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Orthodox Deacons with Orthodox Study Bible

Many people do not know that there is an essential difference between the Protestant Churches and the Orthodox Church concerning the Bible.

This is not only seen in the attitude towards the Bible and the way of interpreting individual texts of it, but also in the number of books contained in the Bible.

The contents of the Bible are known as the Canon in its technical sense. As far as the Canon of the New Testament is concerned, all the Churches in the East and West follow the list prepared by St. Athanasius of Alexandra, the stalwart of the Council of Nicea in his Easter letter of AD 327.

It put an end to the disputes between Eastern and Western Churches concerning the content of the New Testament and it was established that 27 books from St.Mathew to the Book of Revelation would from the New Testament .

The Orthodox Church of India considers the Syriac Peshitta version as its Bible. This was originated in the Aramaic speaking world of the Jews in the dawn of the modern age. The peshitta means ‘simple’ and the version was more or less the same as Septuagint in content. That is why we teach the 46 Old Testament books and include the seven books in our liturgical life