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Roji Roy Compassion Fund Distributed at St. Gabriel Church, Nallila, Kollam

DSC02467 (1)On behalf of His Holiness Moran Mar Baselius Marthoma Paulos II, the Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, H.G Zachariahas Mar Anthonios, the Diocesan Metropolitan of Kollam, distributed Roji Roy Compassion fund to her parents, in a function held at St Gabriel Orthodox Church on 9th April,2015. A Corpus fund  of 16 lakhs deposited in bank to take care of her parents who are deaf and mute. Out of this 16 lakhs, Rs 1 lakhs by His Holiness , Rs 2 Lakhs by OCYM, Dubai and the rest amount (13 lakhs )were collected by ICON Charities.Malankara Sabha will take care of the educational needs of Roji’s brother Robin, who is studying in 9th grade. This is a moment of pride for each church member, experiencing the caring nature of our dear Bava Thirumeni beyond imagination.


Roji Roy, the 19 year old daughter of Mrs. Sajitha and Mr. Roy of Nallila, near Kottarakkara was a nursing student at Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She was a very active teenager in her parish, St. Gabriel Orthodox Church, Nallila. She was a member of the parish choir and an energetic Sunday school teacher. Beyond all, she was the hope, dream and voice of her parents who are deaf and mute.


On Nov. 6th, 2014, she reportedly committed suicide after falling from the tenth floor of KIMS hospital according to the hospital authorities. She was allegedly involved in a ragging case. It is reported that she was brought to the Principal’s office for questioning, where she was asked to bring her parents, who are deaf and mute, and was told that she can’t take the upcoming yearly exam. She was under distress at the thought of causing pain to her family, and it is suspected that she committed suicide. The death itself remains to be a mystery. The relatives and neighbors say that there is no convincing reason for her death. Though the hospital authorities state that it is a suicide, the whole story is shrouded with mystery. The frontline media also keeps quiet about the episode. However the social media has taken up the issue and hopefully some inquiry can be expected. The family and friends are concerned about the silence of the main stream media and the hospital authorities. There are calls for thorough investigation, largely from the social media.The unexpected death of Roji is a traumatic blow to the family. Whatever be the outcome of the police investigation, the fact is that a bright girl has lost her life leaving the dreams and hopes of a poor family to ashes. Her relatives have been helping with Roji’s education. With the death of Roji, her younger brother who is in 7th Grade, and the parents are struggling for survival.

After reading about the sad plight of Roji’s family, many members of the church, especially OCYM members have been calling for help. ICON Volunteers looked at how we can help the family. We have been in touch with Rev. Fr. PA Philip of Devalokam (Malankara Orthodox Human Empowerment Department) to find more information about the family. Respected Philip Achen had contacted Rev. Fr. John Geevarghese (Mithun Achen), the Vicar of St. Gabriel Orthodox Church, Nallila, and found out that the family deserves support as no substantial help is offered from any quarters so far. ICON Charities have been in contact with Mithun Achen to assess the needs of the family. Respected Philip Achen discussed the need of this family with Holiness Bava Thirumeni. Bava Thirumeni would like to gather as much support as possible to the family. To be in the fore front of this campaign, His Holiness Bawa Thirumeni has offered to donate Rs.100,000 ( Rupees One lakh) and shall visit the parents of Roji very shortly. His Holiness wished that understanding the pathetic situation of the family, many people with Christian compassion would come forward to help this family and alleviate their misery.


Reported by ICON Charities