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Spiritual Revival Programme 2015-16

The activities of Spiritual Revival Ministry has to be rejuvenated at various levels with the support of our Revered Clergy and the involvement of the dedicated laity. We all understand that there are many lay people across our diocese who are talented and dedicated for the work of God. We now need to go ahead with proper coordination and team work, pooling the talents and efforts for the glory of God. As you may know, the Family Conference, Clergy Retreat, The Couples’ Meets and the Retreats for the Kids Teens and Youth, that was named ‘Friends in Christ’, the 33 Hr Chain Prayer Fellowship prior to the Pentecost etc.. have been heart-touching and inspiring many in at various dimensions. Many people are looking forward to have more of such events. God Almighty has been inspiring many to come to spiritual leadership even. Now the time is OURS!

we have 3-4 members from each parish as ‘Parish Coordinators of Spi Re Ministry’. A meeting of such parish Coordinators will be held separately for Pune and Mumbai Regions as per schedule below, which will be presided over by His Grace Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan.

Pune: Monday, the 13th July 2015 from 6 PM to 8 PM at St. Thomas Orthodox Valiyapally, Khadki.

Mumbai: Sunday, the 19th July 2015 from 3 pm to 6 pm at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Dadar.

Kindly send the representatives from your parish to this meeting, and your esteemed presence and support would be deeply appreciated. (The list of parish coordinators so far received is given below. Pls check the names from your parish and inform changes whatsoever.)

Thank you. with warm regards…

By order

Fr.Jacob Koshy




                    DIOCESE OF BOMBAY



Parish Coordinators – 2015


Sr. No.  Name of the Vicar  Parish  Names of Members Already Given
1. Rev. Fr. Abraham Joseph

Ph: 022 27656751/9833176567


Mar Gregorios

Philip CE 07588714501
2 Rev. Fr. Benjamin Stephen

M: 9619736937


St. Stephan’s

3. Rev. Fr Benjamin Philip


DohaMalan Orthodox Church
4 Rev. Fr. K.P. Varghese (Bijumon)

M. 09426770298/02632299591


St. Gregorios

Betty Raju Benjamin  09099860865
5 Rev. Fr. Sam Oommen

Ph: 08764344194



RohaSt. Peter’s & St. Paul’s
6 Rev. Fr. Joshy P. Jacob

Ph: 07118 271696

Dhulia St Gregorios
7. Rev. Fr. Daniel T.A.

M. 9422385193



St. Gregorios

8. Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Abraham

M. 9969994460

Mira Road

St. Gregorios

TC Chandy 9820599077

John Varghese 9892398379


9 Rev. Fr. Geevarghese M S

Mob 9757396161



St. George

Mathai PK 9892404549

John P Cherian 9833696920

10 V. Rev. NS Geevarghese Cor-Episcopo

M. 9819225351

Ph: 022 27800837


St. Gregorios

11 Rev. Fr. George AbrahamM. 9819813535 DombivliSt. Mary’s
12 Rev. Fr. Varghese Thomas (Joemon)Mob.: 9923428654 KalinaMar Baselius KC GeevargheseVO Abraham
13 Rev. Fr. Jacob ThomasM: 9869045747, ph: 21641969 AndheriSt, John’s  
14 Rev. Fr. Jacob KoshyMob. 9892129033/25207251 ChemburMar Gregorios John Jesudasan 9869279569Leegi Alexander 9819617132
15 Rev. Fr. Jiji. K. Thomas




St. Thomas

CV Cherian            9922488047Mathewkutty PD     9970507182

Jolly Mammen        8805095978

Mariakutty Thomas 9403134443?

KM Chacko            9822558896

Jacob George         9823207560

16 Rev. Fr. Joseph M.E09594243358 Ulhas NagarSt. Mary’s
17 Rev. Fr. Jose Issac


Vasai RoadSt. Thomas Varghese KE 9423365069Leelamma Mathew 9892715902
18 Rev. Fr. Thomaskutty AurangabadSt. Mary’s
NallasoparaSt. Gregorios ET Mathew  8600177031
19 Rev. Fr. Joshua AbrahamPh. 09405375402, 02027670129 Dehu RoadSt. Gregorios
20 Rev. Fr. K. Yohannan

Ph: 07118 271696


St. Mary’s

21 Rev. Fr. Koshy Alex

M. 9324090598


St. Thomas

Annie Saju  8652086165,27843107


22 Rev. Fr. Koshy GeorgeM. 9970093259/0251 2688880 Ambernath St. Gregorios MS Thomas 9987328757
24 Rev. Fr. Kurian BabyM: 9322425653 ColabaSt. Peter’s George J Paniker 9820453970
25 Rev. Fr. Kurien M PMob: 09422861317 ChinchwadSt. George K T ChackoShirley Varghese
26. Rev. Fr. Mathew ThannimoottilMob : 9869147050


MaladSt. Thomas (Asst. Vicar) Kuruvilla AV 28409723Abraham PT 9820916444
RasayaniSt. Mary’s  (Vicar)
27 Rev Fr. Presquilas Peter

M. 7738545988

CBD Belapur

St. Mary’s

Koshy Varghese 9664693223
28 Rev. Fr. Paul MathewM: 9920207749


NasikSt. George      Ulahannan
29. Rev. Fr. Thomas Myalil.Mob: 7709867706 DadarSt. Mary’s Thomas Jacob 9821372680Robin Raju 9820584867
30 Rev Fr Vineet9820106517
31. Rev. Fr. Skaria Varghese DohaMalankara Orthodox Church



32 Rev. Fr. Sherin Thomas

M: 08421654833/08605616827


Pimpri St. Mary’s
BhosariSt. Gregorios
33. Rev Fr. Scaria Thomas (Siby)09637512436 Karad OC
34 Rev. Fr. Shaji P. JohnPh: 07118271696 DeolaliSt. Mary’s
35. Rev. Fr. Shaji Chacko

M. 9967023532

M. 9004519433

KalyanSt. Thomas ManojRosamma George

Rosy George


36 Rev. Fr. Thomas K. Chacko

M. 9823343880/ Ph: 25774169

PowaiSt. Paul’s George Abraham 9223204251

Joseph TJ 9819792666


37. Rev. Fr. Thomas VargheseM: 9820851959 MaladSt. Thomas Kuruvilla AV 28409723Abraham PT 9820916444
38. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mathai (Manish)Ph. 27600124/9768109388 NerulSt. Mary’s Thankachen George 9619488856
39 Rev Fr. BittyM: DighiSt. Gregorios Jacob Varghese P 09423014297
40 Rev. Fr. Thomas PhiliposeM. 9404000338/7875092230 SakinakaSt. George
41 Rev. Fr. Thomaskutty P N

Mob: 9594738944


Kalyan (E) St. George Thomas K George 9821243791

Reese P Sam 9702419640

KalamboliSt. George
42 Rev. Fr. T U Thomas

M: 07383810983


St. Mary’s

P Thomas 09377734359

Philip Mathew 09427108443

43 Rev. Fr. Varghese Yohannan


BahrainSt. Mary’s  
44 The. Very Rev. Fr. Yaunan Mulammoottil Cor-Episcopa

M. 9869191693,Ph: 25700760

BorivliSt. George


Kuriakose VT 9322881083Saumini Alexander 8082191770
45 The Very Rev Zachariah Cor-Episcopa

M 09324514491

PuneSt. Mary’s
46 Rev. Fr. Thomas Chacko (Rejo)




St. Baselios


Anil Varghese
47. Rev. Fr. Sajeev K. Varghese

Mob: 09979911504

SilvassaSt. Gregorios
48. Rev. Fr. George M.B0097317252980 BahrainSt. Mary’s

(Asst. Vicar)



Fr Jacob Koshy   

Diocesan Coordinator