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Spiritual Revival


A Spiritual Revival Initiative

in the Diocese of Bombay

Inaugurated by


HH Moran Mar Baselius Marthoma Paulose II

(The Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan)

On 28th August 2014


Deepening the Spirituality of the Clergy

Liturgical Education

More involvement of the Lay People

 Strengthening people in the true faith

Diocesan Bible Convention

First Confession for Children

Tithe Awareness and Collection

 Evangelization Projects

Diocesan Website

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Message from the President

Blessings to all the revered Clergy and the Faithful of the Diocese of Bombay,

Dearly Beloved,

We are extremely glad and excited to introduce to you,a unique program to revitalize the power and depth of the spiritual experiences of each one of us – the Clergy and the Faithful of our Diocese, a deep-felt need of the time. The aim of the program ‘Vision – Spiritual Revival’ is to reinforce the spiritual fabric of the fourSacred Pillars of the Church:

  1. The Clergy
  2. The Family
  3. Kids, Teens &Youth

4.Mission &Evangelism


To achieve this, we need to grow and be equipped to address several spiritual concerns with renewed commitment, constant enthusiasm and praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A Ten-MemberClergy Team is appointed to initiate, implement and monitor the activities of ‘Vision – Spiritual Revival’ across the Diocese with Rev Fr Jacob Koshy as Convener and other priests as coordinators to deal with various concerns.Supporting teams are also constituted to ensure the timely and meticulous implementation of the agenda. In due course, theseteams will be expanded with the participation of the lay people.


We cherish and thank God Almighty for the divine guidance that made us bring forth this enriching spiritual endeavor. We hope and pray that this humble beginning may work out to be a milestone in the history and witnessinglife of our community.

We do call for the earnest support, united hard work and active participation of all our Clergy and the faithful so as to become worthy to glorify our Lord at the realization of thisambitious goal.

May the abundant grace of the Triune God be with you all always!


Your Shepherd in the Lord,


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 Mar Geevarghese Coorilos                                                                                                                                            Vashi Aramana                                                                                                                                                                                                    Date: The Feast of Assumption 2014

Metropolitan of Bombay                                                        


VISION – SPIRITUAL REVIVAL                  

The Concept


It has been a matter of grave concern that our community as a whole has been heading dangerously towardsa spiritual bankruptcy. 

Lethargic attitude towards the liturgical and sacramental life in the Church…

Moving away from the fundamentals of the true faith…

Insensitivity to the sacred and scriptural ethics of family framework…

Lack of spiritual and moral orientation for the coming up generation … etc to name a few, are the dreadful offshoots of the untoward reality.Having endured the griefabout this alarming scenario HisGrace Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Diocesan Metropolitan disseminated the urgent need of a Spiritual Revival in the diocese.  The Clergy Conference held at Vashi Aramana on the 9th and 10th of July 2014 conceived the ‘Vision – Spiritual Revival’ a program to be implemented in all the parishes of our Diocese under the leadership and supervision of the respective Vicars.


The Challenges of Spiritual Revival

Focusing to revitalize the Four Pillars of the Spiritual Community – the Church, the following concerns are identified as challenges to be addressed soonand resolved that urgent remedial measures may be initiated.

  1. Deepening the Spirituality of the Clergy
  2. Liturgical Education for deeper involvement and experience of the faithful.
  3. More involvement of the Lay People for the life and witness of the church.
  4. Counseling the people for strengthening in the true faith
  5. A Diocesan Bible Convention.
  6. First Confession for Children from the age of twelve.
  7. Tithe Awareness and Collection.
  8. Evangelization Projects.
  9. A Diocesan Website.
  10. A Book Stall at Vashi Aramana.

The Action Plan

  1. Deepening the Spirituality of the Clergy
  • Retreats to be held for the Clergy to deepen spirituality and consciousness of the call.
  • Workshops to be conducted twice a year on counseling and pastoral care.
  • Family gatherings to be organized to enhance personal interaction.
  • Annual personal review of the ministry.
    • (Events Scheduled: Seminar on Pastoral Care and Counseling – 26, 27 Dec 2014; Retreat for Clergy – 17, 18 Feb 2015)


  1. Liturgical Education for DEEPER INVOLVEMENT and experience of the faithful
  • An audio-visual presentation of 30 min durationbe held after HQ at every parish. (Even if classes are held on 20 Sundays a year, there shall be 10hrs of effective instruction of Faith. If need be, HQ may start 15 – 20 min earlier on such Sundays).
  • Achens to impart Liturgical instructions in the spiritual organizations and prayer meetings
  • Sunday sermons periodically shall be based on the faith and liturgy.
  • The Choir should not silent the congregation; rather promote more participation.
  • Copies of the liturgy on special occasionsbe distributed or displayed.
  • Give participation for the lay people in liturgy, wherever possible.
  • Youth prayer fellowship to be started and the same be made avenues for liturgical instructions.
  • All the parishes should be equipped with the projector &Screen and a small team to assist Achen.
  • The Achen should be prepared with the lesson for the day.
  • Uniformity in teaching season is desirable.



  1. More involvement of the Lay People for the life and witness of the church


  • Trained lay leaders may be given more opportunities and train those who are committed in spiritual activities.
  • Find out committed people and give them participation in the parish events.
  • Prayer coordinator be appointed for each 20/25 families in every parish.
  • Give responsibility to those committed lay people in various committees and councils of the church and the diocese.
  • More participation of committed lay people from each parish be made available in the diocesan events.

(Target Date: November 2014)


  1. Counseling the people showing tendency leaving the Church


  • At least one Holy Qurbana every month has to be in English or Hindi.
  • Prayer fellowship for young people to be started in all the parishes under Vicar’s guidance and young peoples’ leadership
  • Start career guidance/ aptitude test under the diocese/ parishes to benefit young people.
  • Identify those not coming to the church and buildup a personal relationship with those and try to understand them and their problems.
  • Introduce new members in the parish assembly and enhance fellowship.
  • Database of all the young people be prepared in every parish. MGOCSM Unit can do this.

(Target Date: November 2014)


  1. A Diocesan Bible Convention
  • The Diocesan Bible Convention to be held at Vashi every year on a Sunday evening, focusing on current issues (Human Empowerment/ Family Revival etc.) and preaching on Uniqueness of Christ.
  • Parallel sessions for children, youth and families also can be held.
  • A diocesan committee comprising of the Clergy and the Laity shall be formed for various portfolios.
  • The Vicar, Committee and the Spiritual organizations must ensure the maximum participation of people from the respective parish.

(Schedule: January 25 Saturday at Vashi from 4PM to 8PM).

Zonal Conventions – Jan 21,2015 Vashi (Panvel), 22 Dadar (Mulund), 23 Kalyan (Kalyan), 24 Malad (Malad)


  1. First Confession for Children from the age of twelve
  • The Holy Bible, Holy Traditions and the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Qurbana and Confession are to be emphasized.
  • Study materials / lessons be prepared by the team and made available to all aspirants.
  • The Vicar or a trained and committed person under the guidance of the Vicar must impart spiritual instructions to prepare the children for First Confession.Recordsof the same be maintained and report be sent to the Diocesan Metropolitan.
  • Certificate of Blessings and Dedication be issued by the Diocesan Metropolitan.
  • In the first phase all the children of age 12 and above to be prepared for First Confession.
  • It is desirable to celebrate the ‘Dedication Ceremony’ on the Parish Day/ Annual Feast in the presence of a Metropolitan, preferably the Diocesan Metropolitan.

(Launching Target: December; Dedication of1st Batch – During January to March 2015)


  1. TITHE (ONE TENTH contribution) Awareness and Collection
  • Awareness on importance of Tithing and the Biblical foundation have to be emphasized.
  • The Tithe Fund is to be utilized for (i) Spiritual Revival Programs of the Diocese 40% (ii) Mission and Evangelism 30% and (iii) In-House Charity 30%.
  • Rendering one month’s Tithe every year shall be an excellent support.
  • Zone – wise campaignthrough Clergy Exchange Program.
  • A mobilization and collection team to be designated in every parish headed by the Vicar.
  • The Tithe Fund will not be utilized for any other activities of the Diocese.
  • A separate Bank account will be opened for Tithe and Spiritual Fundwith Catholic Syrian Bank, Vashi Branch.
  • Online/ Cheque remittance can also be made.
  • Utility/disbursement of the Tithe Fund shall be exercised and monitored by the Team – Spiritual Revival with the directives and approval of the Diocesan Metropolitan.
  • Annual Accounts will be published and circulated in the parishes.

(Target: Awareness Programs – Nov/Dec 2014; Realization – Jan/Feb 2015)


  • The Last Commandment of our Lord, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations… … teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you… …”(St. Mathew: 28: 19 – 20) entrusts with each one of us the responsibility of evangelizing those who have not heard about our Lord Jesus.
  • Parishes to encourage local people coming and praying in our churches. Prayers, Scripture leaflets, Bibles in Hindi/ Marathi etc. can be placed and distributed.
  • Evening prayer and intercession in Hindi/ Marathi to be started at Vashi Aramana Chapel on Wednesday evenings for the local people. Parishes can follow this pattern.
  • Benevolencethrough Charity is outpouring of the Love of Jesus.
  • Home Mission and Evangelism in parishes to be made more organized and efficient.
  • Village Mission can be started in association with similar organizations under sponsorship by the parishes.
  • Evangelization Training programs to be organized.


  1.  Diocesan Website
  • The Diocese has launched its website to cope up with the current trends and needs of communication to its faithful.
  • Competent professionals can contribute for the improvement of the site.
  • Matrimonial tab: Diocese of Bombay providing an opportunity to the Orthodox Parents, and youngsters who are looking for the suitable pair from Orthodox Church.Please click the link given here and fill the your details and submit. Registration is absolutely at free of cost.
    Also visit the site and find suitable profiles already registered.
    Feel free to call 07875092230, if you have any queries.
    Fr.Thomas Philipose,
    Web Manager


  1. A Book Stall at Vashi Aramana
  • A Book Stall will be opened at Vashi Aramana for the benefit and convenience of our people.
  • Malankara Orthodox Church Publications, Sunday School Books, Books on Orthodox Faith and Spirituality, Holy Bibles, Religious Articles for priests and Holy Altar etc. shall be available on sale or as per order.
  • The Book Stall is named after the LL Metropolitan Julius Mar Alvares: “Mar Alvares Memorial Diocesan Book Stall”.

(Target Date to open: 2nd October 2014)


  • A Chain Prayer Team is being organized in the diocese.
  • Those who are committed for constant prayer, please register with the CoordinatorMr. Thomas Varghese (Vashi). Cell No: 0 77180 15513Email:
  • Send in your prayer requests.



  • Date: 28, 29 & 30 November 2014 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
  • Entry for only 35 families (Age 30 to 45 years)
  • Sessions led by experts.
  • Separate sessions for kids/teens.
  • More details will reach you very shortly.



  • By praying regularly for Spiritual Revival – ‘First in me and then in others’.
  • By Participating in the programs and supporting the best way you can.
  • By involving actively in at least one of these programs at any possible level.
  • By Making Holy Confession and Receiving Holy Communion regular in your family.
  • By becoming an active member of at least one Spiritual Organization in your Parish.
  • By sponsoring one or more Spiritual Revival Programs, fully or partially.


Kindly send in your most valued inputs and queries to:

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Team: Vision – Spiritual Revival

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church – Diocese of Bombay

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The Bombay Orthodox Church Centre


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Date: 28 August 2014