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St Marys Orthodox Church, Ahmed Nagar

In the early late seventies a good number of Malayalees immigrated to Ahmed Nagar for seeking better job opportunities and many Orthodox Christians found their jobs in military establishments, State, Private and Public sectors and some of them found their own business opportunities also.

Holy Altar of Ahmednagar Church

That time, there were no organizations or fellowship of Malayalees here. The Malayalee Christians, according to their convenience, attended the worship of CNI, Catholic Churches.On 22nd July 1978, some of Christian from Orthodox, Catholic and Marthoma churches came together and they formed a congregation in the name of St Mary and they conducted worship in the CNI,  Catholic Churches here. On  10thseptmber 1978, Orthodox Christians conducted a General body under the Presidentship of Rev.Fr.ThomasKurian and Achen celebrated at first Holy Qurbana at St Johns Roman Catholic Church. From 1978 to 1988 regular services of the Orthodox and Marthoma rites started and held alternately and members of both Churches participated the services of each other.

On 2nd October 1998, the constituents’ partners of the St MarysChristian Congregation decided to have their own independent Churches and separated and hence dissolved the St MarysChristian  Congregation and continued to conduct their worship separately. A plot jointly owned by Mr Peter Kurian and Thomas Mammen sold, and the amount got utilized for purchasing a plot for Orthodox Church at Bhingar, Ahmed Nagar.After a long period , the dream of constructing a Church came true, when we could purchase a plot for constructing a Orthodox Church.The construction of an independent Church was a milestone in the History of the Orthodox Christians in Ahmed Nagar.. This dream came to fulfillment when the foundation stone was blessed by H.G.Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilus the then Metropolitan of Bombay Diocese on 15th August 1995 and the same stone were handed over to Rev.Fr.JacobKoshy.The construction of the Church was completed within Two years under the able leadership of the then Vicar Jacob Koshy. With the blessings and consent of H.G. H.G.Dr.Philipose Mar TheophilusRev.Fr.JacobKoshy, visited different parishes of Mumbai Dioceses and collected a substantial fund for the Church construction. On 29th and 30th November 1997, His Grace Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Metropolitan, consecrated the new Church.

This Parish is having 10 families, at present, and having one Sunday service in a month, apart from Sunday service monthly prayer meetings are conducting at different houses of the members. Parish Feast is conducting on every year August 15.

Rev.Fr. Jacob Koshy, Rev.Fr.M.B.George, Rev.Fr. Jogy George, Rev.Fr. ShajiChacko, Rev.Fr.GeevargheseIype, Rev.Fr.ThomasPhilipose have served as vicars in the previous years.At present Rev.Fr.YohananK,Professor of Old Testament, STOTS, Nagapur,is the Vicar of our Parish.HolyQurbana is conducting on 3rd Sunday of every month. We the Managing Committee and Members of the Parish are grateful to these shepherds who strived hard for upbringing of our parish.